Brazilian doctoral fellows arrive at the chair

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On March 2, José Luis Conradi Hoffmann and Leonardo Passig Horstmann, PhD students under the supervision of Antônio Augusto Fröhlich at the Software/Hardware Integration Lab (LISHA) of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Florianópolis, Brazil, started their one-year research stay at the chair. The stay takes place as part of the collaborative project “Analysis of distributed and automated manufacturing lines for manufacturing customized medical treatment items” (Manufatura distribuída e automatizada e fabricação automatizada setorial (saúde)), CAPES-PRINT 88887.310575/2018-00. In this context, José and Leonardo are doing research on “Data-Driven Design of Critical Systems” and “A Framework for the Safety of AI-based Autonomous Critical Systems”, respectively.