Visit at EuroSys’23

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A delegation from our chairs took part in EuroSys 2023 in Rome from 8 to 12 May. As one of the largest conferences for system software, the conference program covered a wide range of topics. In addition to classic topics, such as operating systems or cloud computing, related areas, such as machine learning systems, were also presented. Current research projects from our chairs were also presented in the affiliated workshops: Laura demonstrated generic checkpointing support in stream-based SMR at PaPoC, while Arne spoke about WebAssembly observability at EuroDW. In addition, the SysTEX workshop and the Security session were chaired by Prof. Rüdiger Kapitza. Especially for our new staff members, Maxim, Thomas and Harald, the visit to EuroSys offered the opportunity to gain first experiences and to make contacts. This year’s location in Rome also invited us to explore the city’s more than two thousand years of history in the form of numerous ancient ruins in addition to the conference program. Thus, the time between the end of the conference and the journey home was used for visiting the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.