Spring meeting of the Special Interest Group

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On March 14 and 15, Timo Hönig (Ruhr Universität Bochum) and Peter Ulbrich (TU Dortmund) jointly hosted this year’s spring meeting of the Operating-Systems Special-Interest Group in Bochum. Under the motto Betriebssysteme im Revier, current developments in the operating systems community in Germany were discussed in six sessions with a total of 15 presentations. In addition, the open Strategieworkshop: Betriebssysteme in der grundständigen Lehre addressed the future curricular development of teaching. Kevin Kollenda presented his thesis Static Analysis of Interrupt Latency in Operating System Kernels for the static estimation of areas with blocked interrupts in operating systems for our chair. Paul Bergmann was also able to tie in thematically with the strategy workshop and present the opportunities and possibilities of the programming language Rust in operating system theory with his work RuStuBS: Rust in der Betriebssystemlehre.