The laboratory offers a variety of different systems for theses and research activities at our chair.


The chair offers two rooms with workstations for students:
  • the Manlobbi (room 0.058) with 12 fully equipped workstations and
  • the Bello Labs (room 0.033) with 5 workstations, which can be equipped with additional hardware (e.g. for measurements).
Your FAUcard will be granted access in the door locking system for the main entrances of the chair as well as the Manlobbi (and also Bello Labs, if required)

Laboratory workstations

The hostname scheme starts with faui49, appended by the colloquial room name and the workstation number (faui49{man,bello}{1-12}). Please note:
    • These systems are independent from the CIP, i.e. they require separate credentials and the home directories are also managed separately.
    • Due to technical reasons, students are often given extensive access permissions (root). Accordingly, sensitive data should not be stored on any of the systems, nor should the permissions be used for purposes other than those for which they were intended.
    • On each system, data can be stored temporarily in a personal folder at /srv/scratch followed the user name. But there is no guarantee that the data will stay there!
    • If you intend to change the hardware setup, please consult the person responsible for the room in advance!
    • The workstations are accessible via the jumphosts i4lab{1,2} via SSH, e.g. you can access the host faui49man1 via the command ssh -J faui49man1
    • In order to save energy, the hosts are switched off when not in use. To wake them up again you can issue the command wake with the target host(s) as parameter(s) via the jumphosts (within a few seconds), e.g. ssh wake faui49man1
    • Long-running unattended tasks should be wrapped with “systemd-inhibit --what=idle <cmd>” to prevent the host’s automatic suspension during the task’s execution.
    • If the recommended systemd-inhibit cannot be used, then it is possible to create a flag file using “touch /var/tmp/inhibit-autosuspend” to disable the automatic suspension. Attention: the flag file will be deleted automatically after three days.

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