Participation at Eurosys’24

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A group from our chair attended the Eurosys 2024 in Athens from April 22 to 25. The largest European conference on system software once again covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from networking, storage systems, distributed systems, compilers, scheduling, to many papers on or using machine learning. Dustin, Max and Maxim presented their research projects at the EuroDW. Max gave a short overview of “Dynamic Operating-System Specialization”, Dustin presented “Power-fail aware byte-addressable virtual non-volatile memory” and finally Maxim gave a talk on “Introducing Compartmentalization to Rust in Trusted Execution”. Prof. Rüdiger Kapitza chaired the session “BFT, Serverless, Cloud and Edge”.
The impressive lighting of the Parthenon was captured during a walk at night:
A festive banquet was also held at the Zappeion as part of the conference.